A French Brunch – Sunflower Yellow 2A


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There’s pretty and then there’s Crimson pretty. Our second reveal boasts the Crimson design philosophy at its best. The details this time are smaller, more meticulous and hopefully lending even more sophistication to the look.

Miniature meets signature Crimson florals in this GORGEOUS second reveal. Tiny rosettes, dandelions and coral bells are beautifully embroidered in a modern, angular composition. Cascading patterns of floral bunches, singular flowers and the most meticulous cutwork create the entire shirt. The details are reminiscent of beautiful scalloped handkerchiefs embroidered with a single rose in the corner or a spray of cheerful pansies. The pants and hemline are trimmed with airy cutwork embroideries and the cutwork tareez blends the center and side panels beautifully.

The sleeves and dupatta, well, we’ll save that for another image.


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