Hussain Rehar winter Khadder Shawl-Ember

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Color: Lime Yellow
Fabric Details:
  • Shirt: Khaddar
  • Trousers: Khaddar
  • Shawl: Wool
A stunning lime yellow khaddar outfit with intricate floral motifs all over.The sleeves of this outfit are heavily embroidered with intricate and detailed motifs that add a touch of opulence to the overall look. It’s a vibrant and cozy ensemble that exudes elegance. The embroidery adds a touch of delicacy while the ptinted shawl adds a layer of texture and visual interest.
Fabric Details in Meters:
  • Digital Printed Shawl (Woolen) 2.50 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Center Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Front Right Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Front Left Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Back Motif Patch (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Dyed Back (Khaddar) 1.32 Meters
  • Embroidered Sleeves (Khaddar) 1.00 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Back Daman Border (Khaddar) 1.58 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Back Side Extensions Border (Khaddar) 4.55 Meters
  • Embroidered Back Neck Border (Khaddar) 0.40 Meters
  • Dyed Trouser (Khaddar) 2.50 Meters
  • Printed Finishing For Shirt (Khaddar) 0.90 Meters


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