Hussain Rehar winter Khadder Shawl-Taal

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olor: Olive Green
Fabric Details:
  • Shirt: Khaddar
  • Trousers: Khaddar
  • Shawl: Wool
This olive green khaddar jacket with beautiful motifs is designed to perfection. It is embroidered with intricate details on the borders and all the motifs. It has also embroidered pockets on the front and back that truly give the statement of the outfit. To complete the look it is paired with a gorgeous green and pink printed shawl .
Fabric Details in Meters:
  • Digital Printed Shawl (Woolen) 2.50 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Right Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Front Left Panel (Khaddar) 1.00 Piece
  • Embroidered Sleeves Panel (Khaddar) 2.00 Pieces
  • Embroidered Sleeves Border (Khaddar) 0.78 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Back Pocket (Khaddar) 4.00 Pieces
  • Dyed Back & Front Side Extensions (Khaddar) 1.32 Meters
  • Dyed Sleeves Side Extensions (Khaddar) 0.35 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Back Arm Hole Border (Khaddar) 1.78 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Back Daman Border (Khaddar) 1.55 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Back Side Extensions Border (Khaddar) 4.00 Meters
  • Embroidered Back Insert Border (Khaddar) 2.54 Meters
  • Embroidered Back Neck Border (Khaddar) 0.50 Meters
  • Dyed Trouser (Khaddar) 2.50 Meters
  • Printed Finishing For Shirt (Khaddar) 0.90 Meters


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